BxShadow 1.2

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Brightness and Volume Feedback

BxShadow works with BioExplorer to offer both brightness and volume feedback, allowing maximum flexibility and customization of session. Play YouTube videos, watch Netflix, play games, or read online blogs, all the while engaging in Neurofeedback as your screen is adjusted in brightness and your volume is changed to reward your brain and guide you toward optimum brain health. BxShadow rewards you for producing your optimum brain wave activity by adjusting the screen brightness and volume in real time as it receives data from BioExplorer. It increases the screen brightness and volume as the brain activity normalizes, and reduces the brightness and volume when brain activity thresholds move away from specified target.


Neurofeedback is a method of treatment that has a long history of successful application in a wide range of medical conditions. The primary target of Neurofeedback is the brain, but as the brain is essentially the command center of the entire body, normalizing brain activity can have a wide range of beneficial effects on health. Neurofeedback works by rewarding the brain for activity that is healthy and beneficial. Just like riding a bicycle doesn't require constant attention to maintain balance, Neurofeedback is not about consciously modifying brain activity. The brain naturally seeks a balance, and when provided with feedback it will adjust to maintain that balance.


BxShadow adjusts the brightness and volume of your screen. It can also be set to only adjust a specific portion of your screen. BxShadow works with BioExplorer, a program that can process data from a number of neurofeedback or biofeedback devices. Data that is recieved is processed to determine if the feedback should be positive or negative, and sent to BxShadow to adjust the brightness and volume accordingly. BxShadow increases the brightness and volume for positive feedback, and decreases it for negative feedback. The brain naturally seeks to increase the brightness and volume of the content viewed on the screen, and learns to adjust its activity to meet the set target.